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Private Investigators/Process Servers 

Based in the South, serving the nation 

Your peace of mind at an affordable price.

Southern Loss Control Services is a registered, licensed and insured private investigation agency offering an extensive array of professional investigative services to a wide range of clients from individuals and attorneys to corporations.








Infidelity. It’s a word that sparks all kinds of feelings and worries. Before you spend another sleepless night – or confront your loved one only to find out he or she is innocent, or worse, alert them to your suspicions so they can start covering their tracks – why not seek the help of a highly trained professional?


The private investigators with Southern Loss Control Services have more than twenty-five years’ experience conducting investigations and performing covert surveillance that yields information to help you make informed decisions or strengthen your case in court.

[Criminal Defense]



When the unthinkable happens and you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, you need someone in your corner to search out the truth. No matter how skilled your attorney is, he or she will need assistance, and a second set of eyes on your case can only help strengthen your defense.


Southern Loss Control Services Investigators will work closely with your attorney to locate and interview witnesses, review evidence, substantiate your alibi, and identify and investigate discrepancies or inconsistencies in the case against you. 

[Scam and Fraud Prevention]

Being tricked or taken advantage of is not only embarrassing but can also be financially devastating. Before you commit to that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity or get too involved with a new friend or love interest, let us help you determine whether what you have been told is true. From preventing the loss of thousands of dollars in a romantic scam to the potential loss of millions in a bogus business deal, Southern Loss Control Services has proven an invaluable resource to its clients.

[Insurance Fraud] 


Southern Loss Control Services has been investigating insurance and worker’s comp cases since 1992.


We work with both small and large companies and insurance adjusters to determine whether insurance claims are fraudulent and provide court-worthy proof when they are.

[Missing Persons]


Sometimes it is necessary to find someone – a renter who has moved owing you money, a relative you’ve lost touch with, the defendant or witnesses in a court case – Southern Loss Control can help you or your attorney locate people whose whereabouts are unknown.



With more than 25 years’ experience, Southern Loss Control investigators are experts at seeing without being seen. When you need help with covert surveillance, call on the private investigations agency that has the knowledge, equipment and experience to get the job done – Southern Loss Control Services.

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[Process Service] 


A process server delivers legal documents to people involved in court cases; i.e., summons and complaints, subpoenas, etc.  We are highly trained and certified by the State of Georgia to serve court papers as authorized by law. 


Normally our first attempt of service is within 24 hours of receiving the papers to serve.  You can expect, and get, fast service and a high success rate when you use Southern Loss Control Services.  If you need a current address in which to serve an individual or company, we can supply that also.

"Our firm has employed Southern Loss Control for a wide variety of services, including skip-tracing, surveillance, witness interviews, asset research, and as a process server.  Mr. Rasure's approach is methodical, efficient, and cost-effective.  He provides our clients with critical information in a timely manner which, in turn, helps our clients make critical decisions.  We always enjoy working with Mr. Rasure and his team."

- John Scott Husser

Husser & Husser, P.C.


"I am a solo practitioner (law) in Cedartown, Ga. Over the past twenty years, Southern Loss Control has successfully investigated a wide variety of my cases from divorce to criminal and personal injury. Montie also locates and serves hard-to-locate defendants (especially when the Statute of Limitations is approaching). Unlike many experts, Montie willingly testify in Court and is an experienced witness. Recently, Montie located an additional responsible party with large insurance limits in an interstate car wreck case. This discovery changed the outcome of our case."

- J. Steve Astin


Cedartown, Georgia

"We have been using Southern Loss Control for many years now. Montie is our go-to guy! He is responsive and extremely knowledgeable. Montie is professional and exceeds my expectations. He assists us with both US and Canadian matters and goes above and beyond the call of duty when needed."

- Elly Paraskakis 

Cumming & Partners

Toronto, Ontario


"I’ve been using Southern Loss Control for skip traces for about five years and Montie is the best I’ve worked with. He quickly finds the person we are looking for, even when others have had difficulty doing so.  After many assignments for him, there was only one where the person we sought had left the country and he was not able to track them down. If the person is in the U.S., Montie will find him!"

- Thomas Richelo, Esq.



I have relied upon the professional services of Montie Rasure at Southern Loss Control for more than a decade. Mr. Rasure is prompt and thorough in his investigations and has never failed to provide me with the information I needed for successful service of process. Also, his rates are very reasonable. I trust Mr. Rasure with all of my investigative needs and have 

referred him to my colleagues on many occasions.

- Suzie McGraw

Law Offices of

Raymond T. Brooks, Jr.

Lawrenceville, Georgia

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